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Important information about

Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger is a condition that makes the fingers catch or lock when extending or straightening the fingers. trigger finger also called ‘stenosis tenosynovitis’. One of the most common causes of hand pain and disability.



  • Local swelling from inflammation
  • Scarring of tendon sheath around flexor tendon
  • When the tendon slides through the narrowed sheath, it becomes irritated and swell

Sign & Symtoms

  • Finger stiffness, particularly in the morning
  • Popping or clicking sensation as you move your finger
  • Tenderness or a bump (nodule) in the palm at the base of the affected finger
  • Finger catching or locking in a bent position, which suddenly pops straight
  • Finger locked in a bent position, which you are unable to straighten

4 Surprising Risk Factors for Trigger Finger, Don't Ignore These!

(1) Repeated Gripping

Occupations and hobbies that involve repetitive hand use and prolonged gripping may increase your risk of trigger finger

(2) Health Problems

People who have diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis are at higher risk of developing trigger finger

(3) Women

Trigger finger is more common in women

(4) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

Trigger finger may be a complication associated with surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome surgery, especially during the first six months after surgery

Unlocking Relief: How To Treats Trigger Finger


The first step in treatment is to stop doing activities that aggravate the condition. Splinting is one of the best ways to limit motion


  • DIGIT BLOCKING – Patient to block the MCP joint, and allow the PIP joints to bend. This exercise could be done with all fingers at the same time or individually. The same exercise could be repeated at the DIP joint. Repetition and frequency are advised according to the level of stiffness and pain.
  • TENDON GLIDING – Check the video below for the sequence of movement.
  • ACTIVE RANGE OF MOTION – Finger abduction and adduction are recommended to strengthen the interossei and the lumbricals.

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