Physiomobile is officially launching our Membership Program as a reward to our patients that have been with us since the beginning of Physiomobile.

We hope that our new Membership Program will make our patients feel appreciated and excited every time booking appointments with us.

This Membership Program does not only reward long-time patients but new patients that are starting their treatment plans with us will also be rewarded through this program. 

To our new patients, if you haven’t started your treatment with us, please click “Book your appointment now” below.

What are Physiomobile Membership benefits? 
  1. Treatment Discount
  2. Product Discount
  3. Exclusive Merchandise
  4. Premium Newsletter

With the launch of our new Physiomobile Membership Program, we hope that our patients feel appreciated and valued as a customer of Physiomobile. 

Physiomobile have reached this far thanks to our dedicated and loyal customers. Your experience being a Physiomobile customer is of utmost importance to us

Start Date :03/01/2022 - End Date :31/12/2022